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Aeterna : 16 f | 8 m | 24t
Aiseiri : 10 f | 10 m | 20t
Vagabonds : 37 f | 41 m | 78t
Outlanders : 2 f | 2 m | 4t
Total : 65 f | 61 m | 126t

Last updated 04/2018.

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Fall, Year Five
The weather takes a more comfortable turn with the arrival of August, as temperatures drop significantly and whispers of autumn are heard across the land. Night returns, but only in small amounts. Daylight hours: 20

55°F to 75°F, Breeding is unavailable.

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© Image copyrighted to Claeric!

We are a post-apocalyptic, forum based wolf roleplay! We are beyond thrilled you chose us for your main (or next) roleplay website and hope you stick around for many years to come. Although we are a friendly bunch here (no matter how serious our wolves may be), we would like you to know we do not tolerate rude people or rule breakers. This is a community for literate and intermediate players alike and we always expect everyone to be kind to one another. We have a post min. of 150 words, so be sure you can meet this limit regularly!

This site was founded by Alphess Iceis and Alphess Rose, two dear friends whom only wish the best for their site and will do everything to protect it. Their idea is original and strictly their own, copyright offenders will not be tolerated. Unlike some roleplays, we aim for a secure environment for all ages and promote online safety.

Interested in our community? Awesome! If you are still interested, please read the setting and background information located in our GB, you may go down the list or travel through things freely - just make sure to read everything!

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All content on this website (including the Guidebook and its forums) is copyrighted to Incandescence. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Violation will result in legal action. This copyright includes all original written content and pictures. We do not condone any content here to be used off site, even with attribution. Please thank jsfiddle for our GB base and Greg for his generous insight! Fonts to google.
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© Image copyrighted to Rose!

The light of our heart from within illuminates the dark and brings life to the barren world, touching the lands and therein.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

» Sudden collapse and catastrophe «

Gradually, they fell from their thrones of universal dominance. In little time, their fate was inevitable and humans had gone while their cities lay desolate and eerily quiescent. For some time no animals reacted, still under the impression that humans remained within their cities, but eventually it became undeniable that they had vanished. Some corpses were found, appeared murdered out of spite, but the body count was low overall. There still remains numerous theories on the reason to their downfall, some possibilities are; overuse of technology, destroying the environment, widespread disease or a world war. Regardless of truth, the idea that humans excelled too quickly and (instead progressing with caution) ignorantly continued, learning but never truly taking in their wide knowledge, lead to their demise will forever be burned into the last traces of their existence. What actually happened is a mystery and perhaps knowledge was the death of the humans in that they were too foolish to recognize what power they held but, either way, the now titled "Ones Before" have gone and with their absence, a new species was forced to rise up and become dominant.

» It is time for wolf supremacy & Time for us to prevail «

As time crept on, predators felt rejuvenated with the human's extinction. And, as if an unearthly, ethereal authority influenced their intelligence, wolves began to have the same advantages as their predecessors. The wolf whom once saw a dull world was now drowning in a complete array of vibrant colors, concepts once unattainable began to have deeper meaning as his morals and values heightened whilst he developed different views, such as religion and opinions on numerous subjects that were once unreachable. Wolves were thinking like humans as they began to leave their previous way of family groups, creating rules and lawful guidelines amongst their kind. Different societies upheld different restrictions, as some tried to rebuild crumbling human cities (despite their lack of human motor skills), while others kept low on their knowledge intake -- fearing they would meet the same fate as the Ones Before. But wolves were not alone in their new abilities; other predators had excelled as well, to the point of uplifting anarchic shifts in their brothers' hierarchy. Even the lowliest of prey that once wallowed at the bottom of the food chain were forced to undergo intellectual advances if they wished to survive amongst the newest breed of super-killers.

» Let us either indulge or cower from the knowledge left behind «

When the wolves realized what a blessing - though, at first, a traumatic one - their sudden knowledge and abilities were, they began to ransack the leftover human collections; left behind to be perused at the wolves' greedy leisure, in hopes of having assistance with their new and very foreign ordeal. All their base progress spanned slowly over many, many decades, and knowledge is still being uncovered even today as more libraries and collections are found. What was this proclaimed progress exactly? To begin, wolves abandoned their snarls and growls as a primary way of communication when books and audio tapes [which no longer exist] came to their possession, unlocking the teaching of wondrous new skills. Numerous languages were discovered, managed, and passed along; English, French, German, limitless possibilities. And though, in the beginning, areas maintained just their original language(s), wolves gradually became translingual. Their findings were passed along through generations - some groups using their knowledge to further extents than others - by verbal communication as the years went by. It wasn't long until a century or so had gone by and wolves were, along with other predators in some regions, declared the dominant species of this rejuvenated world.

» So, stranger, you wish to join us? «

Being given the back-story, let us change the subject to our current setting; Candenta. A supreme kingdom, if you will, named by its founders, is not in fact a primeval society but is progressively earning a fearsome, respected, and renown reputation. Candenta is a gorgeous sight; the terrain breath-taking and is, overall, effected moreover by human knowledge than by their crumbling architecture (meaning Candenta has very few human buildings). Initially discovered by two friends, both possessing their own unique histories and personal experiences, the land is now (years later) dominated by a small handful of packs. If you are intrigued by these profound packs, you may find a section entirely devoted to learning about them in more detail under Packs. Though do head our precious warning when we tell you our packs are not for the faint-hearted and that our land, once known as "Russia" or "Siberia", is also not for those incapable of surviving harsh environments.

» But, before you continue... «

. . .we are inclined to give you yet another warning. This one should be taken with the utmost caution. Though Candenta flourishes, there is a place, high North from their lands and near the shop keeper's dwelling, that is entirely forbidden. Upon the polar-tundra landscape roams vicious creatures. They are, technically, wolves, just like the other inhabitants of Candenta, but their sanity, health, and very morals are not so pure. There are two classifications of the Barren Land's residents; Rogues and Exiles. Some find Rogues more challenging to keep at bay, even whilst their lives are consumed by illness, for whereas Exiles have been banished for treacherous crimes, Rogues are much less predictable. Rogues are most often mentally ill and are therefore beyond repair and extremely harmful to others. You think it cruel to banish them? Perhaps, but the healers have found no cure and one must realize few human medications for mental illnesses remain and there are little non-medication related treatments that have been proven successful. Some are downright incurable, and instead of either leaving or being killed to prevent contaminating others, the ill Rogues have to be forcefully removed due to their contagious status and insanity; in a state unable to accept their tragic fate, rendering them incapable of logic. These Rogues are far beyond help and could not, and most likely still cannot, be restrained, and therefore threaten all who may oppose or, in all its simplicity, cross paths with them. So, not having the heart, strength, or literal capability to kill them, they too were banished by those sane enough to do so.

Feel pity for them; Exiles and Rogues alike, but in the end if a wolf dare crosses these unpredictable canines, we can promise that they will show absolutely no mercy and will not retreat unless outmatched or until either they or the unlucky company is dead. So we warn you to be cautious for the Exiles can be deceiving whelps while the Rogues can do permanent damage, whether it be giving a wolf a harmful disease or simply having an uncontrollable rampage, which may result in a death sentence instead of banishment.

» Now... Do you think you can handle us? «
© Image copyrighted to Claeric!
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» General
01. We are a literate roleplaying site, and though we understand that some posts turn out to be rather scarce in length and that some of our members are not as experienced, we require that each post is at least 150 words. This is the minimum, and only the minimum, for we encourage all of our members to write more.

02. Here at Incandescence, we have an age requirement of 13 years and request everything is kept PG-13 on the forum. We realize some members may be more older than others but regardless we ask each member acts maturely. Any member lying about their age will be immediately removed. There is no age limit but older members will be monitored to make sure their conduct is appropriate in public space. Please be respectful to everyone (especially staff). We will not tolerate immature, reckless, or rude members.

  • Extension: As mentioned above, Incandescence is (in cooperation with jcink's tos) a PG-13 site. A loose depiction of what is and not allowed could be 2/1/2 via the online rpg rating system. However, what does this mean in detail? How far can I go specifically in posts, what (besides sexual content) must be vague or go to "fade to black"?

    To begin, we allow very little in the sexual content department. Of course, you can have your wolves flirt and may also use sexual innuendos and references but never - for example - should you describe mating in detail. This is absolutely not acceptable and and any "intimate" moments between wolves exceeding "passionate" cuddling should immediately go to "fade to black".

    Violence is a more difficult subject and will vary per situation but, in short, you are free to fight, torture (within the rule limits) and kill IC. For fighting, as long as there are no serious injuries or lacerations, you do not need to worry about this rule. However, if your wolf goes to make a violent attack, note there are limits to how much you may describe their attack and the said wound. It is all well and good to give players a vivid description so they may "see" the scene play out, but things must stay with the PG-13 rating. For other subjects such as torture, you may not write this out in detail. You can still instill "fear" and describe the horrible situation well without taking us through the process of how to remove a leg (or something of that manner, just an example). Some examples of popular media that fits within this rating - from Jcink itself - are Batman: The Dark Knight and Criminal Minds.

    Lastly, language should be a simple subject. Your character is free to curse but we shouldn't see excessive cursing every post and every damn sentence (see what we did there?). Please avoid curse words that are especially offensive (the word fuck for example should be around the peak of your "cursing limit") - no don't ask, you know what they are.

03. Members are entitled to one character when they first join and another (free) character after they'd made 10 posts with their first account. Each of these characters must be on separate accounts! We do allow duplicate emails so you do not have to create a new email for each additional character. Players can have a third character when they have been active for three months. More character slots must be bought via osseins.

04. Incandescence is, purely and simply, a wolf roleplaying site. No other types of animals are permitted as characters, please and thank you. Mixed breeds and dogs can be achieved through the shop and/or certain events. Members may play NPCs accounts but they're only meant to be temporary. For your application, you'll be asked to supply keys to prove you read our Guidebook. One of those that you'll need is bunbun. There are three in total and all can be found in these rules.

05. As roleplayers, specifically wolf roleplayers, we understand that some (though few) of our members prefer to use what is universally termed as 'wolf speak'; banner, auds, etc. Though these word substitutions are not banned, we do require that all who utilize them provide accurate and easily understood translations for each somewhere in the posts when mentioned. If our admins cannot understand your posts, you will be asked to revisit and redo.

06. Do not begin roleplaying before you have posted your character's application in the Profile Composition thread and have been accepted by a staff member.

07. God-modding (or 'powerplaying'), metagaming and ghosting are absolutely unacceptable here at Incandescence; even in the slightest offense. If you are caught doing so without an admin's or the other character's approval (and have had significant pointers before on how not to do so) you will receive one warning. Earn another offense and your account will be deleted.

08. If a member is not active, meaning they haven't posted in three months, they will be warned via PM. If the member does not either 1) post in the Leave of Absence thread to provide a 'heads up' for their absence, 2) PM a staff member or 3) post before the allotted 'inactive' time is up, their wolf will be declared inactive, possibly stripped of their rank and will not be "active" in our wolves' daily life. After six months, the account itself will be deleted. We are trying to maintain an active environment but keep in mind that deleted members are always welcome to return.

09. Members, remember, nothing in the forums is meant to be personal. If a wolf decides to pick a fight with you IC, they are not starting one with you OOC. Keep things respectful, keep it classy, and of course, have fun!

» Roleplay Specific
01. Each member must use third person for posting. In other words, if there's an 'I' anywhere in your post, (unless it's a part of dialogue) you will be asked to revisit and redo. For example, "The wolf lunged through the underbrush, catching the hare between its jaws" is acceptable, while "I lunged through the underbrush, catching the hare between my jaws" is not.

02. We use "semi-non liquid" time. On Incandescence, your wolf may only be in one area at a time. Your wolf can be in multiple threads within that same area but you cannot leave until all threads are finished. An area includes multiple territories/roleplaying areas. We understand this system might be different but please keep an open mind, and staff are always available to help you if it becomes confusing!

  •  In addition to the semi-non liquid time, we also have "passes" so your character doesn't get stuck in one area for too long. You can read more about passes (if you ever need to utilize the feature) here.

03. With this new system, there is a higher danger level. If a wolf needs assistance, they will need to look to the wolves currently in the same area. If no one is available, your wolf may "howl" (@username tagging) to call for help and other wolves may then come to assist. Please realize with this situation, if you put your wolf willingly into a danger and no one comes to help, they may die.

04. Each player is given three days (from the last post) to reply to a thread before they can be skipped. This isn't required and other members of the thread may wait longer at their own discretion. If you're in a thread with other members and it's your turn, make sure everyone else is okay with waiting for for the other person; otherwise, you are expected to reply. Please track all your threads and have a back-up for your wolf if you have to leave OOC, this way others can continue. For example, you can say if you're unable to reply that your wolf is going along with the situation, has left, etc. then return to posting when you have time.

05. In note with the above, you do not have to give the other member three days before exiting a thread. You can exit a thread at any given time, so long as there is nothing physically preventing your wolf from doing so.

06. We also have a complex fighting system (here) so be aware that if you put your wolf in a dangerous situation, they can die and if things are done fairly, this does not require player approval.

07. Whenever your wolf is leaving a thread, put "exit" at the bottom of their post. This is to assure everyone that your wolf has left 'for good'. This is also to avoid situations where wolf A leaves, wolf B says (once they're gone) a rude remark and suddenly, wolf A has reappeared into the meeting with a retort. If you exit an active thread, you're free to return but they will have not witnessed everything that has happened in their absence.

08. For pack threads, you do not have to reply every turn. You're free to let your turn go as if your wolf is listening and keep the thread moving. Other than intro and exit post, if your wolf has nothing to add, you do not have to post anymore. Please let the player after you know that they can post.

09. The borders for packs differ to their terrain and each pack has two borders available, one on each side depending on where your wolf is coming from. If a wolf is new to Candenta and they enter from the outside, the border they will run into Sine Fine, Vardar Passage or the Threshold. If they were born in the neutral lands or weaseled into the center by entering from the north or south, they may enter from the other sides; Lesovik Wood, Taiga Forest or Maiden's Blush respectively. Confused? Please refer to our map in the Guidebook to help!

  • Your wolf must go to a pack's border to be accepted into that said pack. Although we prefer a topic/thread for their acceptance, we do allow automatic acceptance. Please post on the border normally and, if available, a wolf with accepting privileges will reply shortly, thus accepting your wolf immediately into the pack.

10. While threads can be private (for certain people only), pack wolves are permitted to intrude private threads on their pack lands if they're currently in the area. This means, for example, you can't have your wolf trespass and put "private" on things so he or she isn't caught. It is a pack member's job to protect their territory from outsiders. Please note, anyone Tier Two or above is allowed to bypass the private tag in topics between pack members in certain circumstances.

11. When posting a topic, please list it as open, private, NPO or mature with the provided post icons. Open means anyone is free to join, private is for members only permitted by you, NPO means there is no posting order and mature is for any threads containing violent themes or strong language. You can find the icons underneath text input, it will then appear to the left of the title when the thread is posted.

12. On a short note, for new members, if your wolf has been on the border for some time and no one has come to accept them, you can leave and stay a loner or move to a different pack border. So higher ranks, be sure to stay active!

13. Though not necessarily a rule, we find it imperative that you realize before joining that the wolves of Candenta do not stay in dens all year round! Though winters in Candenta are extremely harsh and may require the use of dens, during the other months - even fall! - our pack wolves sleep beneath the stars. Instead of a hot cramp den, pack members will most likely sleep around the territory, most likely nearer to their camp or borders. Sleeping in neutral territories is not recommended. The only wolf to sleep in a den year-round is the pack's Alpha(s). Alphas use their dens to store their human texts; texts which, depending on the pack, have different reading restrictions, and hold within their bindings items of varying importance. Though Alphas have a permanent den, they too might sleep outside.

» Getting Started

01. If you're viewing as a guest, you may realize all you can see if the Guidebook and the Advocates' Corner. While it firstly due to past incidents we've had with people stealing our content, it is also because all you need to know before joining is here! If you're interested and wish to make an account, click Register at the top left corner. Once you've registered, your account will need email validation.

02. Once validated, you are now a member and can see all forums and also begin making your character. You can do so under Profile Composition. If you're confused, look at accepted bios beneath that forum. Do not copy characters to take for yourself, this is plagiarism as the characters and their contents belong to the player who first posted them. If a member is found to be using a stolen character we will contact the website it originated on, notify the character's owner, the offending member and lastly ban the account. We take this very seriously.

03. Until your wolf is put into a group (pack, vagabond, etc) you will remain in the member category. After you're put into a group, your username will be colored. Thank you!

» Graphics
01. Incandescence is a semi-realistic roleplaying site, meaning no odd fur or eye colors, markings, jewelry, and of course, magical powers (though please note that jewelry and odd colors can be purchased - refer to the Ossein system). If it is not found on a wolf, please do not use it; so no extra limbs, wings, or horns.

02. When posting, you may wish to use those lovely little things called tables; bundles of html that make posts look even more fabulous. Tables are allowed but be sure your width never exceeds 580px. There is no maximum height, just be reasonable. Tables are never required, so please don't feel obligated to use one. If you don't know how to make your own, you can easily purchase one from one of our many graphics shops!

03. Signatures may not exceed 585px in length nor 300px in height. Avatars are 260 x 380.

04. All graphics for your wolf must resemble your wolf. For example, you cannot use photos of a black wolf for your signature and table if your wolf is white. While photo manipulation offers impressive effects, make sure your wolf is always recognizable and doesn't appear to be someone else completely.

05. Lastly, always cite your resources and never ever use someone else's graphics without permission; this includes, tables, avatar, etc. Do not rip codes from others (example; take a table code from someone else, modify it for your own character and claim it is your own) and be sure you have the artist's permission before using art made for you from another website. Another key you'll need for your application is marshmallows.

» Chat Box, Misc
01. No advertising whatsoever! Aside from outright sharing links, this includes indirect advertising; which means directing traffic to your site without the initial intention of gathering members. Asking members on the chat box to look at your site or to list other sites they are on is considered indirect advertising. This can be done just as easily through a private messenger. If you want to spread word of your fabulous site, do so under the appropriate sub-board found in the Advocate's Corner.

02. Keep romance to a minimum. At Incandescence we see wolf couples separate from members and will not tolerate overly romantic talk from members in the chat box. This often makes others uncomfortable, especially newcomers who are not aware of any relationship members may share, and is not suitable for the chat box.

03. Continuing from the rule above, please realize the chat box is not your own personal area. It is for all members of Incandescence. One-on-ones and such are not allowed. Try to include everyone in your conversation instead of speaking to one member and making others feel excluded. If you wish to have a private chat, take those nifty PMs into account and use 'em.

04. Don't spam or flood! It's unbearably annoying and your fellow members won't enjoy it.

05. What arguments arise with the wolfies stay with the wolfies. In other words, no bantering or blatant racist, sexist, or religious slander in the c-box! Continuing on this subject, don't discuss controversial topics. If you are clearly offending someone or starting a heated debate, immediately stop the conversation. Do not attempt to make a weak excuse and please, please, apologize for any damage done. Keep in mind the very lovely Golden Rule.

06. If you have an issue in the chat box, please take it up with an admin before excelling the situation. An admin will take care of the issue and the member(s) involved will receive a firm warning; and make sure to take the time to notify admins if the problem continues. However, we will not ban members on the first warning or at the drop of a hat because our members are, like us, only human and make mistakes and it cannot be helped, though it can certainly be brought to attention. Excessive inappropriate behavior in the chat box will result in a ban.

07. In dire situations, members might be banned without notice. Commonly though, you will receive a PM/Email prior to your account(s) being deleted. While we apologize for our bluntness, this is not negotiable as Incandescence is not democracy and any behavior our admins feel is inappropriate will not be tolerated. Players who need a parent-figure to teach them how to be respectable in a community won't last long on our site. Also; don't forget too add popcorn to your application with the other words.

08. That being said, please be respectful. Our members' comfort, safety and personal space are our priority, and if one of these are violated there will be consequences. Enjoy yourselves, but make sure to keep it appropriate.

        If you need additional help, you can check our FAQ here.

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» Our Point System
Here at Incandescence we have put together a rewarding system for our lovely members as they daily exceed in their wolf's progress in life. The system is generally simple to understand; with each post, thread and a few other special ways, a member's account earns what is called "osseins". In roleplay, consider osseins bone tissue or compressed bone fragments. Though not mentioned in the roleplay itself, a wolf will collect these fragments and, whether in IC or OOC, will purchase things with them. The wolf can buy many items to enhance their appearance while you, OOC, can help to influence their lives.

Earning osseins is a fairly easy process and to make things easier we have created a list below to help members understand how to earn osseins.

» Earning Osseins

Joining : 50 osseins
Per post : 3 osseins
Per thread: 5 osseins
Per hot topic (15+ replies) : 7 osseins
Advertising (per ad): 3 osseins
Invite (per member that refers to you as how they found Incandescence) : 100 osseins for both parties.

Osseins can also be earned by winning contests (ie; 500 os) or through your own graphic shop. Wolves too can win osseins in pack events; the amount will vary per circumstance.

You can find the shop located here.
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As Candenta is what was once called Russia, characters may only be a species of wolf that are native to Russian lands. Below are the few species that your character may be, but keep in mind that set characteristics of each species can be altered by purchasing additions in The Shop. Please keep in mind the size and color variations for each when creating your joining profile, for you will be asked specifically which breed your character is.

» Wolf Sizes

© Image copyrighted to Claeric!
Eurasian:     xLarge*
37 to 39 in
160 to 179 lbs.
35 to 36 in
140 to 159 lbs.
30 to 34 in
115 to 139 lbs.
26 to 29 in
80 to 114 lbs.
25 in
65 to 79 lbs.
Timber:     xLarge*
36 to 37 in
145 to 160 lbs.
33 to 35 in
130 to 144 lbs.
29 to 32 in
100 to 129 lbs.
26 to 28 in
75 to 99 lbs.
24 to 25 in
60 to 74 lbs.
Tundra:     xLarge*
39 to 40 in
170 to 189 lbs.
35 to 38 in
145 to 169 lbs.
30 to 34 in
125 to 144 lbs.
27 to 29 in
95 to 124 lbs.
26 in
70 to 94 lbs.

*this size must be purchased

You can buy extinct or foreign species and learn about them here.

Note that your wolf's size affects them greatly. A large wolf will be a force to be reckoned but they will unable to run anywhere near as fast as the smaller sizes and will tire easier. Large wolves will need more food to sustain their size; therefore, a huge loner will not fare well by himself and may find their weight slimming quickly. To contrast, smaller wolves will need less food and may be faster or have more stamina (depending on which they were built for; quick bursts of speed or lasting sprints). Wolves who are smaller can have more difficulty hunting and fighting in general with less weight behind them. Also, winter will bother them more as they have less bulk to keep warm and less fat to rely on when food is scarce. Your wolf size effects their number of dodges (in fighting) as well.

But wait, how big is the maximum size? Taking an XL Tundra for example, 40 inches is an enormous wolf. At this height, your wolf would be taller than a Maned wolf or Miniature horse. They'd even be on par with the tallest dog ever (click for ref)! A wolf this size will need an substantial amount of food and most certainly be taller than some of the prey in Candenta (musk deer, for example). Why do we allow this large of a size? This is because wolves have become larger after humans; and this does not only apply to our canine friends but other animals are at least 10% larger as well. If you have anymore questions, please don't be afraid to ask one of our staff!

» Wolf Colors

This a common subspecies that hails from central and northern Russia and, obviously, the rest of Eurasia. These tawny wolves are relatively slender and have larger ears than their North American cousins, but are in no way small in size. Their fur is a mixed range of color from various ocherous tones, their coats hardly ever seeing solid colored individuals.
Color Examples:  
Rare Colors*:  
Timbers are relatively widespread, for they can be found in various Canadian provinces as well as parts of Eurasia. Their fur coats can be any color - from black to white, mixed or solid, with the exception of solid red and Eurasian-like patterns.
Color Examples:  
Rare Colors*:  
This is a subspecies of grey wolf that is strictly native to northernmost Eurasia; or Russia. These wolves are usually larger in size than most grey wolves and their fur ranges in a lighter color spectrum from a diluted white to a russet grey or black. Tundras are not to be confused with their cousin, the Arctic wolf, that roams the polar regions of North America and Greenland.
Color Examples:  
Rare Colors*:  

*rare, out of species colors may be purchased

Eye colors do not vary per subspecies. With the humans gone and wolves now supreme, the canines have found their eyes' color range to have expanded. Acceptable eye colors for your wolf can be any shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, and pale grey. Unacceptable eye colors for your wolf are cat eyes, albino and any with swirls, stripes or other unnatural patterns. You may purchase these eye colors for your wolf; red, purple, magenta, and pure black.

Wolf fur and eye colors carry on to their children. While children have an even share for eye color from their parents', their subspecies does affect their fur shade. A Timber (or Tundra) x European pup will be more heavily affected by their European side and therefore solid colors (if the other is a solid black, for example) will drop to 25% instead of a half chance either way. Wolves from Timber x Tundra parents will take on the usual 50/50 from their parents and will be void from red or European-like colors.

wolf pictures to
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» Map of Candenta

Click the image to expand

This image is copyrighted to Claeric and is not be used or shared anywhere else. The map is for Incandescence and Incandescence only. If you steal this artwork in any way or form, your actions will not be tolerated. Thank you.

When Candenta was first founded by Alphess Iceis and Alphess Rose, the two started and later agreed on a set hierarchy of ranks for their packs (and any to follow in the future) to live by. Since then, the packs of Candenta follow the same general guidelines - although, of course, individual rule and expectations fluctuate per group. Below you can read about these ranks in full and understand their responsibilities. The packs are set into "tiers" - similar to a cake, if you will - with the "fourth tier" being the lowest and the "first tier" being the highest. This system makes it simpler to know a wolf's ranking without having to go into much detail.

» Tier One

Alphas are the leaders of the pack who live with but one intention: to ensure their family's prosperity and safety. They are expected to wield the most strength, to be the wisest where it's most needed, and most importantly, carry the heaviest and yet most fulfilling burden upon their shoulders. Alphas can be mated or no and can be any gender. While their ways of rule differ, all in this position need the respect of their pack members to move forward. Their duties range from accepting loners at the border to handling foreign matters; in other words, near everything. They have the ability to promote and demote, to welcome and exile, and have the absolute word above all else. Alphas use a monarchy system and the next Alpha is taken from the current sovereign's offspring. It is up to the reigning wolf on what child succeeds them and if no child is available to take their place, an Alpha may chose a relative or other pup to be the said heir. Alphas may not be 'dethroned' unless by an unanimous pack vote. There is a maximum of two Alphas per pack.

Betas are the right paw to the Alphas and, though they do not carry as much power, are to be addressed with as much respect as their leaders. Betas are similar to Alphas and can be of any gender; meaning there can be two females, males or one of each. They are the first to take an Alpha's position if they are ever absent, for they know their pack's rules and morals - forwards and backwards - by heart. Their responsibilities are relatively versatile, as even a Beta may assign punishment, but they may not go so far as to banish or demote a wolf without permission as well as an impeccable reason to do so. To be a Beta, a wolf only needs to the approval of one Alpha (if their is another present) but is often suggested to get joint approval. If an Alpha is temporarily out of commission, a Beta may challenge to rule against the heir in the mean time; this usually only happens if the heir is too young. There is a maximum of two Betas per pack.

» Tier Two

Elects are, more or less, the left paw to the Alphas, though they have a much more limited range of duties than both the Beta and Alpha. They are chosen from the most excelling among the Gammas, for this rank requires only one with both brawny strength and remarkable intelligence. They assist both Beta and Alpha with training inspired Apprentices and are almost always found by the regal pair's sides. On occasion, Elects are seen as the Gammas' representative in important discussions, although this is not always the case. It is most importantly the Elect's responsibility to accompany all pack hunts and to provide as much protection from outside forces as they can muster. There is a maximum of two Elects per pack.

Ignatiums are, in short, keepers of fire for their respective pack. The hierarchy of an Ignatium is trickier than other ranks by far. There are a total of three Ignatiums, with one chosen as the lead Ignatium amongst them. There are no Apprentices other than one, who is expected to replace one of the other two when they succeed the head. Their intensive training teaches how to control fire and make use of its heat and power. One aspect of their training is how to shape scraps of metal into designs to suit basic needs but it is difficult to muster the heat needed for such manipulation. The most vital of those uses is a suit of armor designed to allow them to deal with embers or urning logs without injuring themselves in order to provide fire for their pack. To be an Ignatium, a wolf needs the necessary tools which can only be inherited from a predecessor. This means while a wolf may have the knowledge later on, it is useless without the correct equipment. This is a rare and noble rank to earn. There is a maximum of three (plus an apprentice) Ignatiums per pack.

Sanatores are healers of sorts, possessing a very rare and unique talent to mend all that may ail. They are vital to pack survival and are not permitted to waste their talents on vagabonds when they could instead be using that same energy for loyal and devoted pack members. Not only must they keep track of their herb stockage - which is quite tiresome - and provide life-saving remedies to their fellow pack members, but they also must keep Death off their doorstep by having the ability to protect any injured wolf that may have taken shelter within their den for treatment. Sanatores are spiritual in nature, but only few are in direct contact with the 'Other Forest', the otherworldly realm where passed spirits and ancestors reside. Those who are connected report their dreams and findings, believed to be sent from said ancestors, to provide guidance to the Alphas. Sanatores may never be all one gender as a patient has the right to request the same-gender to make them more comfortable. There is a maximum of four Sanatores per pack.

» Tier Three

Guardians are the 'guards' to the pack, those with both incredible speed and a sharp tongue. They run the length of their forest's border with simply one mission in mind: to accept those worthy and to chase off those who are not. Guardians make the decision based on their pack's values and laws, something they are required to know by heart. Though they are not necessarily a high rank, their unusually slippery wit and clever antics are more useful than not and are certainly noticed, for anything and everything they uncover on their rounds must be reported the the Alpha him/herself. Guardians, like Elects, are chosen from Gammas, and have only a small share more power than Gammas. Sometimes because of their special wit and speciality, Guardians may find comfort more with each other and become astray from other ranks,only ever bothering to listen to their superiors. There is a maximum of five Guardians per pack.

Gammas make up the bulk force of the pack, and though they are the 'base' rank, their presence is most certainly imperative to the forest. They are the errand-runners, the warriors, and the most influential protectors, for there is always strength in numbers. Most newcomers will start off as Gammas, and there many will stay, as it is not an easy feat to climb quickly up the ranks. Because they are the base rank, Gammas often seek some form of individuality and may hope to earn skill badges. There is an unlimited number of Gammas per pack.

Caregivers are the 'babysitters' of the pack, providing both nurture and shelter to newborns and pregnant mothers. Though they are considered a lower rank, they are just as important as the rest, as they must have the ability to protect both pups and mothers while they are in their care. If a mother ever passes away within a pack, a Caregiver is also required to take care of her pup(s) until they are old enough for apprenticeship. There is a maximum of four Caregivers per pack.

» Tier Four

Apprentices are in no way unworthy, but are either too young to take on the duties of a higher ranking position or are simply too inexperienced for much else. They are to be trained by both the Elects and Betas until they have reached adult age or can show the experience necessary for a higher rank. There is an unlimited number of Apprentices per pack.

Omegas are the lowest possible rank in the pack and are that way for a reason, for their actions and their actions alone are the reason for such a demotion. Wolves who are either far too submissive to take on any other rank or have committed an unspeakable crime deemed unacceptable by an Alpha are to be Omegas, and yet despite this are not entirely useless. Yes, they are the last to eat, but when tension arises within their family their responsibility is to break it by initiating play, and despite some bruises and cuts, it's a great way to relieve stress. There is an unlimited number of Omegas per pack.

» Other

Vagabonds are the loners of Candenta. Until a wolf has been accepted into a pack they roam the neutral lands as Vagabonds, or 'loners'. They have little to no privileges and are owed absolutely no respect from pack members until their skills are deemed worthy of pack life by, firstly, a Guardian, and secondly, the Alpha/Alphess. If caught hunting or trespassing on marked territory, death is imminent, or at least possible, so watch your tails, little loners.

Exiles are those who have committed crimes so horrid and disturbing that an Alpha/Alphess not only removes them from their rank within their pack but banishes them completely from the lands. These unfortunate but twisted wolves are sure to stay away from a pack's border, for if they are seen astray it is punishable by death. They tend to reside where a forever shadow looms, living - though hardly surviving - without hierarchy nor order.

Rogue are wolves whom were either stupid or unlucky enough to get within reach of a disease's grasp, both 'ex-pack members' and Vagabonds alike. They roam the lands mindlessly - some gone rabid, some having contracted an unknown mental illness - as if zombies risen from the dead. They mingle with the Exiles in their barren lands, as they share the same penalty for crossing their boundaries, but have been known to venture too close to pack territories for comfort.

Established in a region of conifer evergreen, Aeterna inhabits a somewhat more coarser terrain than its neighbors. Aeterna is a land of infinite pine, a place so consistent and indistinguishable many a wolves have gotten lost in her depths. Lazy characters are not tolerated here and to thin out those looking for handouts, Aeterna has constructed the ultimate trial; the venture through the infamous Sine Fine. The highest mountain range in Candenta, it barricades what other societies might remain behind its earthly walls. Though not all wolves enter from the west and have the chance to face it, those unable to boast about traveling over the mountain peaks may find reluctance to be accepted into society.

An important factor to know is that Aeterna doesn't permit rule breakers. One is expected to uphold the laws just as everyone else and those whom feel exempt from that rule won't last too long. While in the presence of others, all members are expected to have both a respectful public image and to act in a way which could possibly bring harm back onto the pack. Against the scrutinizing impression of those immune to their private lives, those in Aeterna are not a horrendous bunch. Behind closed doors, this group is full of joy and merriment. Regularly, the Alphas hold entertaining events meant only to be shared in confidence. Aeterna likes to argue that they possess the most meritorious, faithful wolves in all of Candenta and they'll probably run out of breath doing so. Alphess Iceis seeks those few whose soul endows both the ability to uphold her rules and to give undying loyalty to one another; even when the world clings on their heels, foretelling their indubitable defeat.

Governed by the fearsome Iceis Robur Aeterna, those beneath her iron paw are seen as the more rugged of individuals. The truth of the matter is an unique balance of morals set by the adult she-wolf. All are free to approach Sine Fine's territorial verge but those whom are allowed passage in Candenta must withstand mental examinations. To each his own however, the individual must have learned from their trials instead of bringing woe and devastation with them. The Alphess has numerous restrictions on texts from the Ones Before - one of her most dire laws to be upheld. Due to her own previous experiences, only those with a great necessity will be permitted into the Alphess's sacred library at their leisure.

Diverse. Dauntless. Resolute.

Nestled deep in a basin of green riches rests the land of the Aiseiri pack, an arguably idyllic kingdom that one created in the many names of civility, equality, and individualized greatness. Its laws are lenient, its teachings grand, and its wolves, sister and brother alike, are kind beyond many a foe's grasp. As gentle of souls they are, their borders - a flat expanse of gurgling hot-springs and easy travels - welcome also those with pasts dark or otherwise impure, as second chances are, more often than not, plentifully ruled, however; though from their tongues a word rings sweet, they are no merciful beings to those of wickedness, just as they are not foolish as certain as they are amicable. They act with force only when truly necessary, as their fondness does not lie with murder, but are forever protectors of those incapable of ensuring their own safety.

Aiseiri territory is of a lush abundance of beauty, as with the heated middle months brings a chorus of glorious emerald song. Hidden well in troves of ancient trees and draped in strands of moss, its border sparkles with the dew of a summer's morning and glistens come the ice of a winter's, and though seasons come and go as any a grove in Candenta, the sun that perches atop Aiseiri trees is especially harsh through the days it peaks. As with their sister, Aeterna, the lands consist of both treacherous falls and sights worth seeing, though in the rolling dip that Aiseiri wolves call home, there is little to be feared - supposedly.

After the disappearance of their Alphess, this pack is now led by both Beta Cadvan and Beta Sorrel. Sorrel found it difficult to manage on his own and brought in his dear friend, Cadvan, to sit by his side and thus far, the two wolves have kept the pack up on its own two feet. Though these leaders give loners their due respect, they recognize family's importance above all else and so, they often don't entertain jokers of impudent characters. Aiseiri's punishments for impudence or simple informality may not be as severe as the next - harm brought to their people, however, may not be forgiven so easily. The knowledge passed from the fallen Ones Before are treasured not only by their leaders but by all who share in their ample lands, not as a law which is enforced but as an optional picking of which is encouraged to be indulged in.

Ingenuity. Integrity. Noble.

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