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. Candenta Census .

Aeterna : 16 f | 8 m | 24t
Aiseiri : 10 f | 10 m | 20t
Vagabonds : 37 f | 41 m | 78t
Outlanders : 2 f | 2 m | 4t
Total : 65 f | 61 m | 126t

Last updated 04/2018.

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» 8/3rd - Oslennik begins! Current caribou location: Lithriel. Additional information about this event here: click me!

Fall, Year Five
October is the season for Oslennik and with it comes chilling foreboding weather. For the thickly furred, the day should be comfortable but night will be colder and windier. Snowflakes may fall on occasion but will not stick quite yet. Daylight hours: 10

10°F to 30°F, Breeding is unavailable.

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