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 Walk It Off, OC/Marvel/DC crossover
 Posted: Dec 20th 2017, 05:20 PM

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A DC/Marvel/OC forum in an original setting and allows characters from the past, present and alternate universes to collide in an original, dangerous New Earth![/font]

People are being taken.

Heroes. Villains. Superpowered and human. Everything in between. They are plucked from different universes, different timelines and different futures or pasts and they all arrive in the same place.

New Earth.

Walk It Off takes place in an original setting where DC and Marvel characters are torn from their time and home and abruptly dropped into a world where superhumans and vigilantes never made an open appearance -- until they started appearing randomly all over the world. They arrive in a world where rumors of 'people with powers' has long been considered the stuff of conspiracy theories and urban legends. Now faced with the very real danger of a super-villain dropping out of the sky and blowing up half the city, the populace is terrified and a strong military presence is all that keeps civilization from erupting into panic. Good, bad, super or plain human -- all are being hunted down and 'quarantined for safety.'

On Walk It Off, all canon characters are dropped into this strange and hostile world without warning. Sometimes it's subtle, and a hero is quietly teleported to a city park. Sometimes, a super-villain blows up half a city block as they are ripped from the middle of a battle. All canon characters are torn from a variety of different universes or points in their personal timeline that may not match with friends and family who also arrive there.

Original characters are native to this hostile world and have long since learned to keep their identities carefully hidden and to elude notice of the government at any cost. Those with powers have always been around but when they are discovered, they never come back home.

With the world in chaos and new heroes and villains appearing every day, it's a battle just to survive and avoid capture. Still, the question lingers -- why were they brought here? Who did it? And for what purpose?

You will be cut off from the cities and resources you once had. You will leave behind family -- or meet family that doesn't recognize you. Characters from all timelines, all histories, all universes will collide. All were chosen for a purpose. The only way to find out what lies behind this mystery is to join the fight and survive. And if you die?

Walk it off.[/font]



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