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Aeterna : 16 f | 8 m | 24t
Aiseiri : 10 f | 10 m | 20t
Vagabonds : 37 f | 41 m | 78t
Outlanders : 2 f | 2 m | 4t
Total : 65 f | 61 m | 126t

Last updated 04/2018.

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Summer, Year Five
Prepare for warmer temperatures and green horizons with the introduction of July. Night hours will be a thing of the past as the sun reigns supreme all day, every day during this new month. Daylight hours: All Day

70°F to 90°F, Breeding is unavailable.

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 Reign of the Apes {Dystopian Human/Animal RP}
 Posted: Apr 19th 2018, 05:02 PM

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The year is 2157, the planet? Earth. The country? What remains of the United States. It all belongs to them now: the Apes. Us? The humans? We’re their pets, their slaves, their playthings... But whispers from the wilds speak of a revolution in our midst. Lead by the fabled king of the wild apes, Caesar. Who speaks of challenging the leader of ape civilization for the right to lead. He comes with radical ideas, he speaks of the humans as equals, and he might just be enough to spark a revolution that will set the planet ablaze with war.

We are a heavily-AU Planet of the Apes RP. Newly opened, with a growing member base, and many high positions (including our two ape leaders) up for grabs. Here only you will decide the fate of the Planet of the Apes. So pick a side. Pick a standing. And chose wisely. Because their fate is in your hands.

Ignatium Yuniran
 Posted: May 2nd 2018, 02:28 AM

Eiko is Online
age 7 years old
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HP: 480/480

Linked back, thanks for stopping by! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

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