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Hello, Spring!
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The Roza Festival begins Friday, January 19th!


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9/2nd - Hello, year five! Members, please note, the breeding season has been extended into February!
1/1st - Happy New Year!
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» Year Five • March «

Breeding is allowed at this time. The prey amount is low.

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Last updated 09/2017.
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 DOUTAINI ✦ SEMI-REALISTIC ELEMENTAL WOLVES, 10 Years+ / Intermediate / Active
Dout Staff
 Posted: Jan 1st 2018, 11:52 AM
Dout Staff

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Doutaini is an original semi-realistic wolf roleplay that's been around for over a decade! Doutaini is a magical realm where wolves are not born with elemental powers, but rather must gain them through hard work and dedication in the form of power-wielding necklaces. Ruled by gods and goddesses who often descend from the stars to guide their followers, Doutaini has always been a place to turn over a new leaf when one's life has gone astray. . .but at the same time, Doutaini is no paradise, and its wolves can be ruthless in the pursuit of power. With eight elemental packs to choose from and the Rebel pack for those who reject the gods' gifts (or the strings attached), new wolves have lots of options for how and where to leave their mark on Doutaini. We hope that you join us!
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