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Hello, Winter!
Winter is here. This month, January, expect a low of -50ºF to high of 0ºF. Candenta is blanketed under a veil of snow, the skies filled with the occasional hail storm. There is no sunlight, only cold dark nights... Daylight hours: 0


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 Marvel Sigma, Hidden Powers
Marvel Sigma
 Posted: Aug 1st 2017, 11:57 AM
Marvel Sigma

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Advertising - Canons - Char App - Plot - Wanted!

The universe is yours to create.

MARVEL SIGMA is an AU site inspired by Marvel Comics but embracing alternative reinvention of the characters and popular arcs. We encourage the creativity of our role-players/writers! Come take an active role in shaping the past, present and future of our RPG. Choose a canon, or make an original!

Everything you know about The Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-men, etc. can change at Marvel Sigma. Re-shape, and re-define the world as you see fit, make Professor X a young man or Iron Man into Iron Woman.

How will YOU define this world of ours?


It all began with the mutant terrorist Tempus, when she first launched simultaneous attacks on New York and San Francisco and with a bit of cunning mental manipulation pitted Captain America, Spider-Man and Iceman against civilians and policemen alike. In the end, the heroes were guilty of multiple counts of manslaughter. Given probation, as a result of being manipulated, despite the hue and cry of many they and other heroes struggled with what lay ahead. Tarnished to a one, the fledgling groups of heroes second guess themselves as they strive for redemption, while Tempus relentlessly pursues her nihilistic goal of complete anarchy!

In rapid succession Tempus and her Acolytes assaulted a Weapon Plus facility, while elsewhere the mutant rights activist Exodus, after liberating Genosha and several African countries, worked through those who had formerly ruled Genosha and vicariously decimated the Capital Building in Washington. The X-Men, in their first official mission clashed with Tempus’ Acolytes and were soundly defeated before being forced to flee. In Washington, the Avengers fell upon Exodus’ disciples and devastated them in relatively short order but not before the Capital Building was laid waste and dozens of congressman and senators were slain. Tensions continued to rise…

Still stinging from their defeat and concerned about safety, the X-Men separate the X-Initiative from the student body by opening the Massachusetts Academy. Recruiting of former students began and a trainee team was created. The Avengers expanded their membership in expectation of things to come. Meanwhile Tempus and her Acolytes set their sights on S.H.I.E.L.D. and its helicarrier, managing with less than a handful to kill hundreds and bring the titanic craft plummeting out of the sky to land in the wilds of Montana. Hydra, keenly aware of SHIELD’s resounding defeat mobilize to seize the advantage, while Exodus watches on preparing to create a Brotherhood of Mutants who will unleash a whirlwind of retribution and change that has been a long time in coming.

In the face of all of this turmoil, a panicked United States government holds emergency elections to fill the seats of members in both the Senate and Congress while fast-tracking bills such as the Super Powers Act and Proposition X, which are gaining traction and popular support. Tempus and her Acolytes systematically obliterate world stock exchanges in New York, London and Japan, before falling upon the White House in an attempt to assassinate the President! Iron Woman dies in the subsequent conflict…

On the periphery of recent events the Skrulls sniff around the earth while in another when and another where, Ultron reigns supreme against the last vestiges of Earth’s few remaining heroes…

The old expression, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ has never been more apt. Come leave your mark on a world in upheaval!

user posted image

**Originals welcome, and lots of canons are available!!! Kingpin – Puma – Constrictor – Groot – Sasquatch – US Agent – BoomBoom – Sif – Boomerang – Typhoid Mary – Shaman – Banshee – Vision – Fire Star – Winter Soldier – Black Panther – Miss America – Wonder Man – Crystal – Punisher – Khan – Harry Osborn – Sidewinder – Siryn – Dazzler – Wasp – Polaris – Thundra – Dust – Oya – Mad Thinker – Raunch – Gorgon – Medusa – Aurora – Yellow Jacket – Prowler – Rockslide – Mercury – Skids – Gamora – Falcon – Spider-Woman – Rocket Raccoon – Vulture – Mole Man – Karnilla – Mirage – Thunderbird – Belasco – Enchantress – Baron Mordo – Lizard – Sand Man – Mystique – Prophet – Lorelei – Domino – Lady Deathstrike – Malekith – Vertigo – Sunfire – Catseye – Scorpion – Rhino – Destiny – Lady Mastermind – Surge – Avalanche – Pyro – Tigra – Draxx – Smasher – Maria Hill – Abigail Brand and many many more await!!!**

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