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 The Last Pawstep, a warrior cats rp
tlp staff
 Posted: Feb 15th 2018, 09:43 PM
tlp staff

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In vast mountains bordering the sea are four clans that have endured the roughest of conditions, surviving through thick and thin. Long ago a fire blazed through the forest, burning the clans to ashes. For decades the land was silent but the charred forest grew life, blossoming new vegetation to the land. Four daunting felines, descendants of the fallen warriors sought out to bring back what their ancestors had lost. Sandystar blessed the lands of thick forestry, bringing her bravery and wisdom. Swirledstar graced the rivers and sea, bringing her strength and determination. Roanstar stormed through the shadowed pines, bringing her fierce pride and fearless courage. Skystar enriched the moorlands, bringing his wits and loyalty.

Months passed, the great rose and fell. The clans thrived but a sinister chill flew through the mountains, freezing the hearts of many. The rise of dictators and malicious felines plagued the forest. Blood stained the trees, poisoned the streams and rivers. Lies and hate spread like the wildfire that destroyed the clans decades ago. Alliances broke off, friends became enemies, even family turned on each other. A grim shadow was cast upon the clans and self preservation was at its highest.

A new era has begun, four daunting leaders stepping up into the line of fire. With tensions at the highest they've been, threatening to explode at any moment, will those that sway the directions of the clans finally sheath their claws? Are the mountains cursed with this darkness forever?


TheLastPawstep is a literate roleplay for those looking to indulge in a Warrior Cats themed roleplay. We offer a more dark sided view to Warriors, loosely following the books. We are a spin off of the popular Warriors site Bryniel.

TLP is a proboards (forums) based site, we offer many plots that members can partake in, while partaking in their own plots centered around their characters. You can choose to participate in site events or roleplay casually on your own with other members.

-> TLP hosts gatherings that everyone can participate in.
-> TLP hosts various live plots throughout the month that members can participate in!
-> Members can create their own plots for their characters and carry them out!
-> Members can create their own loner/rogue groups and carry them up within The City!
-> Members can indulge in the life of a Warrior and develop their character throughout various hardships!
-> TLP offers unique plots that often center around dark themes, we believe the more drama in roleplay means more fun for our roleplayers!
-> TLP has no activity checks! We will not remove you for inactivity, you can be as active or inactive as you want!

Joining is simple!
Just sign up with your information (username.. password..etc). No personal information is required besides e-mail, but we don't use it for anything but sign-up. After sending your registration, simply confirm it in your e-mail and you're good to go!

Joining a clan is simple!
Just create your character and then begin roleplaying them in their clans! You don't need permission to join a clan, meaning there is NO APPLICATION REQUIRED! We also offer rogue/loner/kittypet roleplay in The Outskirts!


Any further questions, message a staff member on the site!

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TC - Libraetor
RC - Neon94000
SC - Pumpkaboo
WC - Tigernails
Ignatium Yuniran
 Posted: Mar 8th 2018, 03:15 AM

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Linked back, thanks for stopping by! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛
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