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Aeterna : 16 f | 8 m | 24t
Aiseiri : 10 f | 10 m | 20t
Vagabonds : 37 f | 41 m | 78t
Outlanders : 2 f | 2 m | 4t
Total : 65 f | 61 m | 126t

Last updated 04/2018.

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 Advertising Rules
 Posted: Nov 9th 2014, 07:00 AM

the incandescent

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Advertisement Rules
We at Incandescence thank you for considering advertising on our site - however, we have a few rules for you to follow before you can do so...

➤ Be sure that any and all of us are able to post our advertisement in any per-designated area on your site as guests or under a visitor account before you post your own. If we cannot link back, your ad will be deleted.

➤ All are free to spread word of their site, no matter the age, literacy level, host, or category, with the very important exception of content rating, of course. Incandescence is strictly PG-13, and we expect that both your advertisement and site be the same - but if by chance they are found otherwise, your ad will be deleted. This rule only applies to first timers.

➤ Ads may only be roleplaying websites, nothing else. If you wish to advertise a non-roleplay website, please contact our administrator first. Otherwise, all non-roleplay ads will be deleted.

➤ Any ads that stretch for forum will be put under the "spoiler" tag.

➤ Any and all duplicates will be removed.

Thank you!

Of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to drop by the chat box or PM one of our staff members for answers. We're here to help!

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